list of projects in category: print design

faithless - no roots competition entry - personal04/08/2004
Slow Picture - The Sonar Yen01/02/2004
It Came From Outer Space - Jambeezi22/07/2003
onedayfilms packaging version 2.0 - One Day Films Ltd01/06/2003
TJ40 invite - TJ17/04/2003
Spiegelungen - Karen Hay19/12/2002
Spiritlive Promo - Spiritlive Ltd14/10/2002
onedayfilms packaging - One Day Films Ltd22/07/2002
Young Rage - the sonar yen23/05/2002
Modulus CD - Cloudbass Multimedia27/06/2001
signal|noise - Karen Hay01/06/2001
Skybaby - Cloudbass Multimedia15/05/2000
Blue - Cloudbass Multimedia07/12/1999
Aquanaut - Cloudbass Multimedia18/11/1999
The Last Harvest - Cloudbass Multimedia17/09/1999
totem - personal10/04/1998
influence mail shot - personal01/11/1997