new/updated experiments

eliminate down (colour) font05/08/2022
eliminate down font04/08/2022
total recall (NES) font02/08/2022
nightshade (NES) font01/08/2022
willow (NES) font31/07/2022
earthbound font24/07/2022
cosmic spacehead (sega mega drive) font23/07/2022
total recall (amiga) font21/07/2022
daffy duck in hollywood (colour) (SMS) font20/07/2022
marvel super heroes in war of the gems (colour) font17/07/2022
golden axe II (colour) (sega mega drive) font14/07/2022
super star wars (colour) (SNES) font13/07/2022
super star wars (SNES) font12/07/2022
pokémon red/blue/yellow (de/it/fr/es) (game boy) font11/07/2022
super turrican (colour) (NES) font10/07/2022
pokémon red/blue/yellow (english) (game boy) font10/07/2022
super turrican 2 (colour) (SNES) font09/07/2022
super turrican / mega turrican (colour) font06/07/2022
dragon: the bruce lee story (colour) (SMS) font05/07/2022
personal nightmare (amiga) font03/07/2022