new/updated experiments

technobabylon (small extended) font18/07/2016
technobabylon (large extended) font18/07/2016
d. d. crew font04/07/2016
heavy unit font04/07/2016
golden axe font23/06/2016
thunder dragon 2 font22/06/2016
syndicate (main) font07/02/2016
thunder dragon font26/01/2016
chip 'n dale rescue rangers 2 (NES) font24/01/2016
top gun: the second mission (NES) font22/01/2016
top gun (NES) font21/01/2016
space bomber font03/01/2016
odallus - the dark call (modified) font27/12/2015
strikers 1945 font27/11/2015
gunbird font23/11/2015
samurai aces (large) font19/11/2015
power blade 2 (NES) font09/11/2015
power blazer (NES) unused font06/11/2015
power blazer (NES) alternate font06/11/2015
power blazer (NES) font06/11/2015