new/updated experiments

wolverine (NES) font27/06/2017
the uncanny x-men (NES) font27/06/2017
castlevania II (alternate) font25/06/2017
dizzy III - fantasy world dizzy font16/06/2017
axelay font18/05/2017
shinobi III: return of the ninja master font17/05/2017
dick tracy (nes) font04/05/2017
zx spectrum font27/04/2017
sinclair zx80 font27/04/2017
operation wolf 3 font25/04/2017
operation wolf font24/04/2017
alpha mission font23/04/2017
heated barrel font15/04/2017
cabal font13/04/2017
toki font11/04/2017
legionnaire font08/04/2017
psycho fox font06/03/2017
double dragon (NES) font05/03/2017
tiny toon adventures (nes) font05/03/2017
tiny toon adventures (NES) alternate expanded font05/03/2017