new/updated experiments

bad street brawler (NES) font17/05/2022
the neverending story font14/05/2022
the neverending story (large initials) font14/05/2022
super mario world 2: yoshi's island (alternate) font13/05/2022
totally rad / magic john font10/05/2022
cosmo police galivan (NES) font08/05/2022
tuff e nuff / dead dance font28/04/2022
rival turf! / rushing beat (chunky) font27/04/2022
the peace keepers / rushing beat shura font26/04/2022
rival turf! / rushing beat font26/04/2022
death brade / mutant fighters font14/04/2022
super ghouls 'n ghosts (colour) (SNES) font10/04/2022
arcus odyssey font10/04/2022
mickey no tokyo disneyland daibōken font09/04/2022
the magical quest starring mickey mouse font08/04/2022
brandish (large) (SNES) font04/04/2022
brandish (SNES) font04/04/2022
hyper dyne: side arms (colour) (pc engine) font02/04/2022
hyper dyne: side arms (pc engine) font02/04/2022
finest hour font01/04/2022