list of projects in category: web design

Supreme Education - Supreme Education plc12/05/2005
Sonar Yen website- version 2 - The Sonar Yen29/05/2004
jakoblog ReUSEit contest entry - personal29/10/2003
miminal jakob ReUSEit contest entry - personal18/09/2003
University of Salford - University of Salford08/09/2003
Phone Phreak CSS Zen Garden entry - personal02/09/2003
Door to my Garden CSS Zen Garden entry - personal27/08/2003
Gothica CSS Zen Garden entry - personal17/07/2003
Gothica Sitepoint Community CSS contest - personal01/07/2003
photographia - personal22/06/2003
onedayfilms version 2.0 - One Day Films Ltd01/05/2003
Spiritlive - Spiritlive Ltd27/12/2001 - The Good Move03/06/2000
Cloudbass - Cloudbass Multimedia08/06/1999