He's helped me out on many occasions and is a voice of some sanity in WCAG.

Joe Clark, web accessibility expert.

A true renaissance man.

Russ Weakley, co-founder of the Web Standards Group.

One of my favorite web designers.

Molly E. Holzschlag, formerly Web Standards Project.

Der Patrick H. Lauke ist im Leben etwas kleiner und less arrogant als seine von mir wahrgenommene Internetmarke.

Maria Putzhuber

splintered is the personal web development and design playground of patrick h. lauke.

known to rant about accessible and usable web sites, best practices and the fact that common sense is not as common as one might hope. usual disclaimer: all content here is my personal opinion and does not necessarily match up with that of my employer.

I'm an idealist by nature, but a pragmatist by trade. I'd never class myself as an expert and I certainly don't have all the answers ... I'm just an opinionated guy eager to find real world solutions "where the rubber meets the road".

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