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donkey kong classics (NES) (extended) font


recreation of the pixel font from nintendo's donkey kong classics (1988) on the NES, which combines the fonts from donkey kong (1981) and donkey kong jr. (1982).

the one distinctive feature of this font are the G and the exclamation mark. note that in the original donkey kong (1981) the period/full stop and the ., (mapped here to the ;) were one pixel higher than in the "classics" version. in addition, this recreation includes the maths symbols (+, -, ×, ÷) from donkey kong jr. math (1983). donkey kong jr. math and donkey kong 3 (1983) also used this same font, except they changed the 8.

other than the additions of the maths symbols, only the characters present in the game's tile set have been included.

pixel font

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