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dracula II: noroi no fūin (NES) font


recreation of the katakana pixel font from konami's dracula II: noroi no fūin (aka castlevania II: simon's quest, 1987) on the nintendo famicom.

while the title screens use the same latin font as the western releases (see castlevania II - simon's font), this font is used in the game itself (including the dialog boxes and inventory/menus) . in the game's tileset, the dakuten and handakuten are separate tiles, positioned to the right of the character they relate to. in this recreation, these characters are pre-combined into a single glyph.

the font also includes a set of basic box drawing elements (U+2501, U+2503, U+250F, U+2513, U+2517, U+251B).

only the characters present in the game's tile set have been included.

pixel font

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