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ultima V: warriors of destiny (runic) font


recreation of the runic pixel font from origin systems' ultima V: warriors of destiny (1988).

ultima's runic alphabet contains a character for each A-Z letter of the latin alphabet. in addition, it has compound characters for specific letter pairings which, unfortunately, cannot be set up in a truetype font (you'd need opentype for these custom ligatures, I assume). as these characters (with one exception) lack an appropriate unicode point, they have been added here as follows (to unicode characters that at least visually appear close enough): "ee" currency sign (U+00A4), "th" capital thorn (U+00DE), "st" bowtie (U+22C8), "ng" tifinagh letter yag (U+2D33), "ea" vai syllable ta (U+A55A).

as in the game, "space" between words uses a middle dot, and the full stop/period uses a symbol resembling a staff of aesculapius.

only the characters present in the game's runic character set have been included.

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