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pokémon red/blue/yellow (de/it/fr/es) (game boy) font


a combined recreation of the pixel fonts from the german, french, italian, and spanish versions of nintendo/game freak/creatures' pokémon red/blue/yellow (1998) on the game boy.

beyond the extra accented/special characters and the inverted exclamation and question marks, the most notable difference to the english version is a modified lowercase m, a different é, and the inclusion of + and &.

note that the pokédollar character has been mapped to the regular $ sign. the arrows are mapped to black right-pointing triangle (U+25B6), white right-pointing triangle (U+25B7), and black down-pointing triangle (U+25BC).

the tile set also includes custom characters that combine letters with apostrophes (e.g. for dialog that includes something like I'm ..., there is an actual glyph with 'm). these have not been included in this recreation.

the font has been slightly expanded to include some of the missing accented uppercase/lowercase characters. apart from that, only the characters present in the game's tile set have been included.

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