New Web Accessibility book by friends of ED30/05/2006
presentation files available for download27/03/2006
ariadne article on the TAW3 accessibility testing and reporting tool09/02/2006
presenting at the next MDAWG meeting03/02/2006
speaking at (salford) chapel street business group seminar03/02/2006 mentions text size toolbar05/01/2006
see me speak at @media 2006, london, 15-16 june04/01/2006 mentions text size toolbar02/01/2006
splintered striper now also in german21/12/2005
splintered striper experiment at "24 ways"15/12/2005
judging the good communication awards 200510/11/2005
ten questions for patrick lauke10/10/2005
XStandard developer connection28/09/2005
taking part in Cabinet Office event panel discussion10/09/2005
article on evaluating accessibility with firefox republished on WebAIM03/09/2005
GAWDS republishes article on evaluating accessibility with firefox28/08/2005
ariadne article on evaluating accessibility with firefox31/07/2005
WaSP Accessibility Task Force26/06/2005
Design In Flight mentions door to my garden31/05/2005
Skills for Access - resources on accessible multimedia19/05/2005