scenofest 07 / prague

this wednesday i'm heading to prague for the OISTAT run scenofest 07, part of the prague quadriennale - an international exhibition of scenography and theatre architecture.

together with karen i'll be taking part in the laptop connections installation:

The installation/performance will include eight to ten pairs of sound designers, one member of each team onsite and the other member in a remote location, performing a live soundscore in the Railway Station. Each onsite designers will be strategically positioned around the station with their laptops, connected to a WiFi network, amplified through a pair of powered computer speakers and perform their contribution into the unique environment that is the Masarykovo Station.


Team 4 - Karen Hay (UK) and Kris Popat (UK) Patrick Lauke / Prague and Leeds / Investigation of language, place and space involving verbal information passed between groups of live participants in both locations.

looking forward to hooking up again with some friends from my previous sorties into the world of sound and installation art.

12/06/2007 at 02:47:04
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