UAAG 1.0 and current browsers

for over a year i've been ranting on various occasions (together with co-conspirators like Bruce Lawson) about how current web browsers could really be improved to benefit end users, and how this would allow those of us engaged in creating web content to stop having to implement workarounds (such as skip links and text size widgets) in our sites.

trying to be methodical, i finally found some time to pour over the W3C's User Agent Accessibility Guidelines 1.0 and to jot down some personal observations and ideas (with input from my colleagues at the WaSP Accessibility Task Force). by my own admission, it's rough around the edges...but there may be one or two things that will hopefully inspire browser (or add-on/extension) developers. read the full article on Current browsers and the User Agent Accessibility Guidelines 1.0.

21/05/2007 at 03:00:39
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