.net podcast episode 4

last week i had the pleasure of taking part in a discussion with paul boag, andy clarke, gary marshall and dan oliver for episode 4 of the .net podcast.

The topics

We couldn’t shut the panel up this week so we only managed to make it through three topics... but it’s all about quality not quantity, right?

Web Accessibility in disarray?

Mike Davies this week posted a disturbing look at the current state of web accessibility. Patrick Lauke clarifies what Mike was getting at and we try and fix web accessibility in twenty minutes flat.

Diversity in the web design community

This week’s hot topic has been without a doubt the subject of diversity in the web design community and in particular why more women aren’t speaking at web design conferences. Everybody from Eric Meyer to Jeffrey Zeldman has waded into the debate, so we felt that the five of us (as five opinionated men) were perfectly placed to comment on the subject.

Usability stifles creativity

Last up the panel discusses Lisa Herrod’s latest blog post on the Sitepoint website where she asks the question: does usability stifle creativity.

a full transcript will be available once i'm back from SXSW...

06/03/2007 at 19:53:56
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