Accessified! power session at SXSW 2007

this thursday i'll be flying over to austin, texas, for my first pilgrimage to SXSW.

but it won't be all parties and i'll be doing a power session with fellow britpack member and globe trotter ian lloyd (of accessify fame): Accessified! Practical Accessibility Fixes Any Web Developer Can Use (sunday, 11 march 2007)

There is a lot of confusion surrounding WCAG 2.0 and few developers have read or want to read the guidelines. But accessibility is, at its core, eminently achievable. This session will look at real-world accessibility problems and show how they can be fixed using tools and add-ons that are freely available. Less talk about stuffy documentation and specific checkpoints, more hands-on action to solve the underlying problems

if you're out and about in austin as well, give me a shout...i'm sure we'll be able to have a coffee and a good chat.

05/03/2007 at 01:06:19
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