WebDD preliminary slides and post-mortem

the preliminary slides from my presentation at the WebDD conference are now available: Doing it in style: creating beautiful sites, the web standards way (PDF).

due to a bug in OpenOffice's handling of certain fonts, i've had to convert all my "fancy" quotes and em dashes to their far duller (and typographically incorrect) stand-ins (then again, i admit to not doing them correctly on this site either at the moment, so my place in typo hell is already assured anyway). update: i've resorted to a different, although equally dubious kludge around the bug: the problematic quotes and dashes are now set in (shudder) Arial rather than Helvetica Condensed...and trust me, i feel dirty for it.

once i get a chance, i'll convert the slides to S5, complete with the very basic "live" markup examples. an audio version of my talk should also be available soon, courtesy of shiraz anwar's recorder (iRiver?). and yes, transcripts will also be published (at an even later date).

note to self for next time: don't try to cram both beginner (evangelism) and medium/advanced CSS stuff into a single 1 hour slot. in fairness, it was difficult to gage the actual level of my audience beforehand. from conversations i had after my session, there was indeed a mix of all levels in the room. however, despite overrunning and having to skip a sizeable chunk of slides to try and make up for lost time (at least partially caused by a late start), it seems that i managed to titillate the imagination of at least some of the attendees.

regardless, it was an enjoyable day with some excellent schwag. and of course, a great opportunity to catch up with people like helena "tailslide" boylen, gareth rushgrove, richard conyard and of course the inimitable bruce lawson (shame our sessions were pitched one against the other) was worth the gruelling train journey.

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