mention in paul haine's HTML Mastery

i was just flicking through fellow britpacker paul haine's HTML Mastery - Semantics, Standards, and Styling...and can certify that it's well worth it!.

a book just about HTML? is that really necessary? the answer is definitely yes. paul thoroughly covers all aspects of markup, including some of the more exotic ones (dfn anybody?).

don't let the title fool you, it's not just about the HTML: CSS, DOM Scripting, accessibility, plus a look at microformats, Web Applications 1.0, XHTML's a solid roundhouse kick on anything to do with how we put together web content and how it all ties in with other technologies.

oh...and i have to say i was pleasantly surprised when i spotted my name in there: as part of the general Scripting tables section, i found a nice chunky paragraph on page 83 about my splintered striper experiment. thanks fella!

15/01/2007 at 22:59:06
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