speaking at WebDD conference

on saturday 3rd february i'll be giving a talk at the free WebDD conference, held at the UK Microsoft campus in Reading.

The mantra behind the conference is that currently there is no focus on standards, best practice and general patterns based approaches to web development and design being pushed particularly strongly in the UK. Additionally it's rare that the people on the ground are looking ahead at what is coming up and where the web will be in the coming years. We want to change that and give the British web development and design communities a real fighting chance going forward and we feel a regular conference which is free to attend is a good way of getting the messages out to the wider community.

the topic of my session will be Doing it in style: creating beautiful sites, the web standards way

Who said that accessible, standards-compliant, semantic sites have to look boxy and boring? After a quick introduction to the fundamentals, this session will look at some of the current ways in which designers and developers can use CSS to add visual impact to their sites, from simple forms to entire page layouts.

and if that's not enough, you'll also get a chance to hear my usual co-conspirator, the mighty bruce lawson, waxing lyrical about the good cause of Web Accessibility: What, Why, How, and Who Cares?

hope to see you there!

07/01/2007 at 01:04:15
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