some site changes for the end of 2006

just before the end of 2006, here's a quick look at some of the changes you may have noticed here on the site:

  • i've now switched to providing full atom feeds with actual content - this is mainly because i know how much it irritates me when i get a feed that just teases me with an often cryptic title and then forces me to visit the site to get to the real content
  • in a "realignment" type of mood, i renamed the "portfolio" section to "projects" - somehow, "portfolio" seemed to imply that these were the best, most polished pieces of work i was showing off, when in reality they're just "bigger things"; truth be told, i've been less active on large-scale projects lately anyway, and some of my best (or at least, most popular and personally satisfying) work happened in the "experiments" section
  • my various bits (news, projects and experiments) are now all clearly date marked - out with the unordered lists and in with the tables! still not happy about the new boxier look this currently gives ... i liked my ragged right lines, so may have to tweak the presentation in some way soon
  • as noted earlier, i've spent a bit of time banging away at my front-end and admin page code to ensure proper UTF-8 support
  • my "externals" page now also auto-generates a basic OPML file from my RSSBandit feed list
  • marking up my site as XHTML 1.1 but still sending it as text/html to less capable browsers was, in hindsight, misguided and completely against specification (notice the should not); so, scaled down my site to XHTML 1.0 Strict (which may be sent as text/html in special circumstances...and the need to support IE qualifies, in my book). why not just HTML 4.01 Strict? ok, purely irrational personal preference (and some planned XSLT magic further down the line)...

a few more additions and changes planned for the first few weeks of the new year (such as an ambitious tagging framework for all my news, projects and experiments), but for now it's time to sit back and enjoy the celebrations. see you on the other side...

31/12/2006 at 20:59:41
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