New Web Accessibility book by friends of ED

Those who remember the (now defunct) seminal Glasshaus book Accessible Web Sites may be interested to know that friends of ED are releasing a completely reworked and expanded successor: Web Accessibility: Web Standards and Regulatory Compliance:

After an overview of the accessibility law and guidelines, and a discussion about accessibility and it's implementation in the enterprise, the book goes on to show how to implement accessible web sites using a combination of concise reference and easy-to-follow examples, covering:

  • Assistive technologies
  • Creating accessible content using XHTML, JavaScript, CSS, Flash, and PDFs
  • Testing against WCAG and Section 508
  • Retrofitting an inaccessible site

The book concludes with an in-depth discussion about Accessibility Law around the world. If you're concerned about the legal and moral implications of web accessibility, then this book is ideal - it is written by some of the world's experts on accessibility, leaving you in good hands.

And, thanks to the inimitable Bruce Lawson and Chris Mills, Senior Editor at Apress and friends of ED, I am proud to announce that I contributed the retrofitting chapter to this outstanding book, adding my name to the illustrious list of authors which already includes: Michael R. Burks, Christian Heilmann, Andrew Kirkpatrick, Bruce Lawson, Shawn Lawton Henry, Richard Rutter, Jim Thatcher, Mark Urban, Cynthia Waddell.

30/05/2006 at 20:45:25