judging the good communication awards 2005

Hosted at the prestigious 195 Piccadilly (BAFTA) on 7th November 2005, the Good Communication Awards recognised public sector's efforts towards effective communication with its citizens and its workforce.

The GCA Judging Panel consisted of experts in e-government, telecommunications, print and public relations, and featured representatives from The British Computer Society, The British Printing Industries Fedeation, The Public Relations Consultants Association, The Call Centre Management Association, the Plain English Campaign, and leading corporate designers to the point. Patrick H. Lauke, webmaster at Salford University, chaired a special web accessibility panel, which provided an independent view of web accessibility and site design.

thanks to Danny Wright for giving me the opportunity to take part in the judging process. and of course, many thanks also to my esteemed colleagues who took part in the special accessibility panel: Nathan Briggs, Richard Conyard, Derek Featherstone, Gez Lemon, Donna Smillie.

glad to say that i'm already booked to chair the same type of panel at next year's event:

The 2006 Good Communication Awards is scheduled for June 22nd in London.

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