web standards pragmatism presentation / web developers conference / bristol / 12 november

check out the the slides, audio and transcript of my talk on web standards pragmatism: from validation to the real world, presented at the web developers conference, bristol, 12 november 2008.

admittedly, this talk was a bit rushed — problems with getting my laptop to work with the venue's projector meant a last-second swap to another computer, which ate a good 10 minutes of my allotted time and did absolutely nothing for my nerves. but despite the technical difficulties, it still ended up being an enjoyable presentation.

i tried to cram in all the little things that i would have liked to know when i first started down the web standards path. in hindsight, i should have probably dropped a few of the topics, expanded a bit more on others, and i should have remebered to breathe every now and again...but hopefully the students from the university of the west of england who attended this excellent grassroots conference managed to get something out of it…

special thanks to alex older, organiser of the event, for inviting me to speak.

21/12/2008 at 14:42:06
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