boagworld interview on WCAG 2.0

two weeks ago i had the pleasure of being interviewed by the mighty paul boag on the subject of WCAG 2.0. the podcast is now live...grab it while it's hot.

In this weeks show we talk with Patrick Lauke about WCAG 2 and we discuss the perils of blindly following conventions.

and, as paul noted:

I've got the longest interview *ever* with Patrick Lauke. who is a very clever guy, but doesn't stop speaking. [...] Patrick, we love you dearly and it was a very good interview, but i'm just saying...shut the hell up!

guilty as charged...once i get going talking about accessibility, it's usually difficult to get in a word edgeways...

Boagworld podcast episode 120. WCAG 2

update: after a bit of chopping and audio editing, you can now get the extract containing just the interview from i've also re-posted the transcript here on my site.

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