designing with webstandards video for molly holzschlag

my small contribution to molly holzschlag's presentation "why web standards aren't" at this year's webstock (14 Feb 2008).

see designing with web standards on youtube.

designing with web standards isn't just about making sure that your pages and stylesheets validate...just the same way that good copywriting, or literature, aren't just about making sure that you spellcheck your text.

designing with web standards is thinking about the meaning of your content, first and foremost, before you even start considering how it might be laid out on a page, or on printed paper, or what the audio output of a screen reader might be.

it's about understanding how all the parts of your content fit together, and trying to convey that relationship in the most unambiguous way, using the most appropriate markup constructs available.

17/02/2008 at 00:01:12
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