the mafat conspiracy (golgo 13) (NES) font20/02/2019
adventures of lolo (NES) font17/02/2019
gremlins 2: the new batch (NES) font16/02/2019
silent debuggers font13/02/2019
air zonk font10/02/2019
california games (NES) font02/02/2019
winter games (NES) font01/02/2019
world games (NES) font01/02/2019
trailblazer (C64) font27/01/2019
dungeons & dragons: shadow over mystara (italic) font27/01/2019
the outfoxies (small unused) font22/01/2019
the outfoxies (post-mission/highscore) font22/01/2019
the outfoxies (unused) font22/01/2019
the outfoxies (main) font20/01/2019
the outfoxies (data 70) font20/01/2019
trio the punch - never forget me font15/01/2019
parasol stars (NES) font08/01/2019
marvel land font08/01/2019
mario tennis (GBC) font06/01/2019
ultima V: warriors of destiny (runic) font04/01/2019