firefox longdesc extension

demo page

as it seems difficult to find good examples of sites using longdesc image descriptions, this page serves as a demonstration for the firefox longdesc extension (see the related experiment).

after installation, right-click on the following images for the browser's context menu to view this extension in action.

demonstration image 1
the first image has a fully qualified, absolute URL
demonstration image 2
the second image has an absolute local URL
demonstration image 3
the third image has a relative URL
demonstration image 4
the fourth image has a fragment identifier, a"same page link" (note: the long description for this image is at the bottom of the current page; CSS is used to hide it out of view initially, and the :target pseudo-class reveals it once linked to)
image without longdesc
this last image has no longdesc set, so the command won't show in the context menu

the image depicts a default icon of Mozilla Firefox; it's a box of crayons, meant to signify images and graphics; there are three crayons — one for each primary colour: red, green and blue — and the red crayon is lying in front of the box. the image was based on a small graphic which was subsequently enlarged 200%, making individual pixels visible and giving an overall blocky, pixelated impression.