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phantasy star (SMS) font


recreation of the pixel font from sega's phantasy star (1987) for the sega master system.

this font includes an almost full set of katakana characters. in the tile set, the dakuten and handakuten are separate tiles, positioned in the line above the character they relate to. in this recreation, these characters are pre-combined into a single glyph.

similarly, in-game the single and double quotes are positioned on the preceding line (and the single quote reuses the same glyph as the comma), but have been vertically spaced accordingly in this recreation.

this font also includes a handful of thin/small latin characters - these are used in the stats/fight screens for HP, MP, LV, EP, and for AW in the japanese version's intro story screens. these have been mapped to the lowercase, and the remaining lowercase characters have been left blank.

lastly, the original tile set also includes six kanji characters. these have not been added to this recreation. apart from that, only the characters present in the game's tile set have been included.

pixel font

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