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web essentials 05 - molly holzschlag keynote SMIL


following on from last year's short web essentials 04 - zeldman keynote captioned with quicktime SMIL, this year I created a SMIL version of Molly Holzschlag's one hour keynote address "The State of the Web 2005" for web essentials 05, featuring the original audio/podcast synchronised with the presentation slides and captions.

you can choose the online version or download the zipped version to play locally.

on some systems it can happen that the online version loses its synchronisation when jumping to and from different parts in the timeline...something to do with quicktime's caching. if you let the keynote run its course undisturbed, the sync should be maintained. failing that the offline/download version, combined with a local copy of the original podcast audio file, should work fine.

thanks go to andy saxton and dan champion for their invaluable help with the transcript (by far the most tedious part of the process)...cheers fellas!

SMIL molly video presentation

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