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super mario world font set


nintendo's super mario world (1990) on the SNES contains a maddening 5 pixel fonts. this set contains recreations of the four most prominent ones (as the fifth only seems to have been used for the "MARIO/LUIGI START !" and "GAME OVER" screens).

Super Mario World Small 1 and Small 2
the two small, 6px tall variants used for the game menus, end-of-stage stats, and the end credits. these have been spread out across the upper- and lowercase. note the reduced-size 5px tall numerals, and the copyright symbol used on the title screen.
Super Mario World Big
the 7px tall font used for the game's message boxes and level names on the world map.
Super Mario World Superbig
12px tall font used in the end credits as well as for the in-game's bonus star counter.

additionally, this set also includes a 6px tall companion symbol font, with individual characters for: 1UP, 3UP, TIME, Luigi, Mario, Nintendo, 10, 200, 400, 800, 1000, 2000, 4000, 8000, clock, star, coins icon and the menu selection arrow.

update: in the game, the fonts have a 2px spacing to account for their outlines. in this recreation, i opted to just go for a 1px spacing - if you do use them outlined, make sure to add the extra pixel for authenticity.

update: added some missing unused characters to the big variant ?, , (, ) and fixed the incorrect Q; fixed the incorrect Q on the small variant.

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