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final fantasy III font set


recreation of the fonts used in square's final fantasy III (1990) on the NES. this set contains three distinct fonts:

  • the main font, used for all in-game menus, dialog boxes and battle screens. with the exception of two minor additions, only the characters used in the game (and present in the ROM) have been included. in addition to regular characters, the game itself uses a series of special ligatures ("il", "ll", "li" and special combinations with the aprostrophe, like "I'") that are not included here for "semantic purity". note also the special -1px spacing on the "T", "t" and "@" characters - this was done in order to avoid having all other characters lead with an empty pixel column and therefore keeping it compatible with my nintendoid font set.
  • the font used for the title screen, plus the reduced-size numerals used to show hit points for attacks and healing during battle (which measure 6x6px, 1 pixel shorter than regular numerals, to allow for an outlined display that still fits in the NES' 8x8px sprite grid). as a bonus, a small concession to my usual font purity: I've mapped the 16x8px "Miss" (also used to denote attacks during battles) on the exclamation mark character!
  • lastly, a font with just the outlines for the reduced-size numerals and the "Miss".
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