new/updated experiments

hippodrome/fighting fantasy - unused katakana font27/07/2014
hippodrome/fighting fantasy font27/07/2014
time scanner font19/07/2014
chip 'n dale rescue rangers (NES) font18/07/2014
scooby doo in the castle mystery (c64) font18/07/2014
H.A.T.E. (amstrad/spectrum) font13/07/2014
buggy boy (amstrad) font23/06/2014
gladiator font22/06/2014
whizz font22/06/2014
sigma 7 font22/06/2014
dyger font22/06/2014
violence fight font21/06/2014
deep strike font15/06/2014
hatris font13/06/2014
scooby doo in the castle mystery (amstrad/spectrum) font25/05/2014
undercover cops font24/05/2014
rockstar ate my hamster font24/05/2014
head over heels font12/05/2014
fighting warrior font11/05/2014
duet font11/05/2014